Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Creative Journey

Well, here we go.

With my Christmas Craft shows all done and out of the way (hooray!), I finally have some time (in between orders of course) to work on some new designs.!

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE what I do, but it can be a little frustrating trying to juggle doing what you need to do and doing what you want to do. I have been itching to try some new ideas for a while now and never seem to be able to fit anything in to my schedule. These last few shows were exciting and certainly taught me a lot, including how important it is to keep evolving your work. Change is the nature of the universe and my work needs to be able to change and develop as I do. So from this point on, I am going to put forward my best effort to make room for creative play.

I recently got some exciting tests out of the kiln that have my head spinning. (I'll post some pics soon, I promise) A very interesting and glittery (yes, glittery) matte white glaze that interacts with a copper-saturated underglaze that I am trying out. From this one little test, my ideas are going in all directions. Over the next little while I hope to pinpoint more of a dircetion to go in and begin to work out some new designs.

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