Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Feltware

Here are some of the latest additions to my feltware collection. I'm feeling pretty confident about the process now and have a system that is working really well for the templates I'm using for this type of 3D felting.

I'm especially enjoying playing with the colours available to me with the wool roving that I am using for the felt. And my slate glaze has become a perfect neutral to pair it with.

As usual, it's my limited time to play that I find the most frustrating. But I have been adding a few 'extra' balls of clay to my daily 'to throw' pile and this means making a few pieces a week to felt. While I would love to focus MORE of my time on this new venture, it's just not going to happen. I've got orders to make, bills to pay, and shows to get ready for. So, while my pace may feel glacial, at least it's moving forward.


  1. Melissa!
    These look amazing! The contrast between the almost gun metal black pot and the tactile colorful felt is great. I want to touch them.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I want to feel them too! I love the contrast between textures and color! It looks like you are having fun!

  3. This is really amazingly artistic! Luv your work :)