Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Ongoing Glazing Adventures...

As you'll recall, I've been working with some new glazes and figuring out how to use them on some new pieces. Here's a quick recap of where I've been with this line of work, to where I am now!

What started as this:

Became this after some tweaking of the glazes:

This form has now evolved. I was discussing how I wasn't quiet happy with the design on the above piece. It felt too "stuck-on" and not a "part of" the pot. And after dreaming about forms for this bowl, it has finally evolved into this:

So yay! Let's have a closer look here. Once again, there are some things I really like, and some I'm not so keen on. For starters, I'm really excited about the form of the bowl. I feel that the decoration on the outside really compliments this form, it is more integrated with the bowl - no longer just "stuck-on" but now a "part of" the bowl. 

On the inside, I really like how the slate glaze tumbles down into the sky blue glaze, but I'm not so excited about where the coloured stripes meet that same blue. Not so much happening there, and I think the way the slate is interrupted stops the movement of the eye across the piece. When you are just looking down into the bowl, that edge is broken up. This is easy enough to fix - bring a trailed line of slate all around the rim of the entire bowl. 

Then I move to the line work within the stripes on the outside of the bowl:

My underglaze lines got sucked into the stripes and lost much of their integrity. While in and of itself, the effect is interesting, I just keep going back to those wee little bowls from last week's post. And you know? I don't think I need those lines there at all.....

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