Monday, September 19, 2011

All Flocked Up

So my explorations in Damask have led me down several different avenues, but nothing has really stuck out as a "That's it!" kinda path. So I went back to my original inspiration, those stunning tone-on-tone and flocked Damask wallpapers.


I just sat and stared at them for a while. What exactly is it that I love about them? I am drawn to the use of colour in these wallpapers. Not only the subtle tone-on-tone in some that creates these stunning, quiet patterns, but the stark contrast in others that throw the patterns out in your face. I also love the variations in texture - shiny and smooth mixed with the fuzzy and soft. Which I guess kinda loops around to my feltware collection right now. And this is where it finally clicked...

This was my first attempt at flocking a pot. Unfortunately the images don't do the surface much justice. All of the black Damask pattern is soft and fuzzy. The piece itself came out pretty rough looking. The spacing of the pattern came out a little off, the glue did not adhere to the glazed surface well and the resist I was using did not lend itself to being wrapped around a curved surface. But I am DEFINITELY coming back to this! I am completely in love with it! There are bugs to work out of the process, but I think all the effort will pay off. For now, I wanted to work on the actual flocking process itself, and get in some practice so I headed over to a flat surface. Have a look at some tiles I did:

So much fun! (But labor intensive.) But so much fun! I definitely found what I was looking for in this sidebar I've been on and I'm excited to explore this avenue some more! Stay tuned!

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