Sunday, April 26, 2015

10 Years

This winter will mark my tenth year as a full time potter.

And that's kinda a big deal to me. Over the years I have watched friends and acquaintances struggle or thrive in their own craft business. I have seen incredibly talented people throw in the towel, or be pushed out of the market. I have seen people give their own blood sweat and tears only to have their lives give way to family, financial pressures and the general reality of everyday life. And yet here I am. Still swimming.

Swimming, swimming, just keep swimming.

I would not be where I am without the love and support I receive from the people around me. I would not be here, marking this anniversary, were it not for my parents. Or my husband. Or my friends. All of whom have been there for me, as a shoulder to cry on, a board to bounce ideas off of, the muscle in the background keeping the cogs greased, and the people who put up with my obsession/passion/need for pottery.

And while those closest to me have been invaluable in my journey, the picture needs to be much, much larger.

This year has marked a shift in my approach to my business. I have reached out and am making all kinds of amazing partnerships with other business all across my community...

With a local botanical garden for commemorative pieces celebrating all they do within the community...

With local chefs and restaurants for a month long culinary lavender festival...
With a local cakery for stands and plates...

The work is all about community. All about helping and being helped. About reaching out and offering support to ensure my community is successful. It's about karma. About putting good out into the world. About being a part of a larger whole.

While I want to be successful in what I do, I can't do that alone. I haven't done that alone. And I AM a part of a vibrant, dynamic and successful community. Local community. I want the people around me to be able to thrive in their dreams. If my own little small business can in some way help raise the profile of other businesses in my community, then I'm in. If we can find ways to promote each other, spread awareness, and strengthen our little corner of the world, we all benefit. Especially when so many others within that community share the same values - offering unique, quality products or services that focus on fostering a healthy, vibrant community - that bring people together.

I can't even believe this year is happening. I can't believe that I have found myself a part of this larger whole. The ideas haven't stopped since the new year began. And everywhere I turn, there's opportunities to be had or shared, and community that's growing. And to it all, I have to say,

Bring it...

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  1. Kudos to you! Happy 10th. :) Thanks for sharing some of your journey.