Sunday, February 13, 2011

A few more new pieces...

As promised, here's a few more of the feltware pieces I've been working on.

This is "Tea Anemone 2". The second in a series I am working on. I have found a way to make the tentacles look more twisty and bendy which I think gives them more character, but at the same time the photograph doesn't really do them any justice. It's hard to get a feel for their movement from one still shot. Otherwise, I'm happy with these pieces. The slate matte glaze makes a perfect neutral to contrast with the colored wool. More colors coming soon!

This work is a set of Nesting Anemone Bowls. I can tell you (as if it's not obvious) there is a LOT of tentacles there. A LOT. I would like to make more of these but we'll see. This particular one I have been working on since October. Yup. October.  I need to figure out how to expedite the anemone-making process for this type of piece. I think everything needs to go bigger but we'll see. The tentacles here are quite thin, which made it very difficult to add the pink tips.

At any rate, I'm having FUN.
Which is the most important part.

I have set aside one day a week for play time. No production allowed! So far it's been amazingly refreshing, but my production for the year really hasn't started yet so we'll see if I can keep it up.


  1. I see the anemones now, but when I first saw the pictures I thought they were actually real witch hazel flowers - some varieties look sorta fluffy before they bloom. Either way, the pictures are beautiful and captivating.